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"Welcome to the Real Book Argentina"

A while ago, when this idea was beginning to take shape, we still hadn’t fully grasped the scope and the deeper meaning of the project; but we always knew where our desire to create it came from: the lack of anything like it.

In certain places in the world, like the U.S. and Brazil, there’s been a space for the development of this kind of book, which has always represented an invaluable pedagogical resource and a vitally important method of diffusion—a musical window that allows us to engage with and relate to the spirit of its creators.

The so-called “Argentine Jazz”—formed by a varied range of styles and defined by a unique historical, socio-cultural, and geographic situation—has given rise to a forceful, mature discourse with an identity all its own. The ideas that make up this creative universe affirm their interconnectedness and find their proper home in this book.

Conceived, also, an educational guide, its content allows one to get to know, through analysis, the shared patterns in which the music takes shape, defines itself, and gives us shelter. For that, and with an aim toward the future, we trusted that this book might also be a tool that stimulates the creative search in young minds.

It’s important to emphasize that all of the pieces included were contributed voluntarily by the composers in this compilation (or their direct representatives) and that it was they who chose these significant compositions from their work.

In addition, I’d like to mention the contribution of the Uruguyuan composers—whose accomplishments are well-known in Argentina and are our musical brothers—who, without doubt, enrich this edition.

I’d like to thank our sponspors (for supporting the project), the composers, and everyone who collaborated on this books so that it could see the light of day.

We invite all of you to be part of this undertaking, to contact us and send us suggestions that will allow us to continue building this space.

The Real Book Argentina Team