Guillermo Celano

Guitarist and composer Guillermo Celano, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1977. After finishing his musical education at the E.M.P.A. (in Bs.As.) he traveled to Amsterdam where he got his Master degree in music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. During his student period he took lessons with many different musicians: Lee Konitz, Ben Street, Ben Monder, Chris Cheek, Mark Turner, Matt Penmann, Peter Bernstein, Nestor Crespo, David Horta, Jesse van Ruller, Arnold Dooyeweerd etc. In 2001 he initiated a new project "Celano-Baggiani Group". In 2002 he recorded this project where he performed own compositions and arrangements, this CD has gotten many satisfactory reactions in the jazz-magazines. In 2003 he began another project,"Intuit Quintet", together with Natalio Sued (ts); David Fettmann (as); Arnold Dooyeweerd (db) and Flin van Hemmen (dr). In 2004 the CD recorded with Intuit Quintet was released "Istmo"(BAU records). During these years he has been playing with Intuit Quintet throughout Europe. Since 2003 he has been also performing weekly with his personal project "Celano-Baggiani Group and guests". During this period he had the chance to perform with different names: Michael Moore, Jasper Bloom,Thomas Winther Andersen, Arnold Dooyeweerd, Flin van hemmen, Ernst Glerum, Michael Vatcher, Andrew Bergmann, Robin Verheyen, Tyler Wood and some more. In December 2005 the Celano-Baggiani Group released their first CD, "Figuras" (BAU records). In march 2006 he recorded a new CD with the Celano-Baggiani Group "Simple Songs", with Michael Moore on sax and clarinet and Sven Schuster on bass; the CD was released in july 2007 by MDR Records. In 2005 he started playing with "Big Grin Trio" with Rodrigo Reijers and Flin van Hemmen; In 2007 they recorded their first CD together which will come out in 2008. During this last year he collaborated in several occasions with the Jargon ensemble playing the music of Maurice Horsthuis.

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