Martín Porto

Born in Buenos Aires on February 27, 1965. At the age of 5 had his first guitar which was completely imaginary, however he soon upgraded to a tennis racquet which at least was made of wood and had strings (way too many actually). Once his family realized the kid was serious, they bough him a real classical guitar and so he could till now, have a lot of fun and make a very nice living without actually having to work.

By the age of 17, Martin was playing professionally and since then, he shared musical experiences with most well know players as well as many top selling artists, both in Argentina and overseas.

In the early nineties he moved to USA and came back to Argentina in 2002, to stay as far as possible of any Comanche helicopter.

A former student of Jon Damian (Chairman Guitar dept. Berklee College of Music), he also keep studying on and off with the great Boston based pianist/educator Charlie Banacos for the last 15 years.

Some of the artists Martin have played as a touring/recording guitarist are: Alejandro Lerner, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Eddie Sierra, Patricia Sosa, Armando Manzanero (Mexico), Air Supply (USA), Miriam Hernandez (Chile), Paul Young (UK), Claudia Brant, Jose Luis Rodriguez El Puma (USA), Pablo Herrera (Chile), Los Ladrones Sueltos, Daniela, Paolo, Pablo Tamagnini, Los Nocheros, among many others.

He has being an active part in projects such as: Touch (feat. Adrian Iaies, Sebastian Peicere, Oscar Feldman, Carlos Madariaga), Zona Purpura (feat. Guillermo Vadala, Ricardo Verdiname, Alejandro Barrera), La Rígida Banda (feat. Marcelo Gueblon, Martin Iannaccone, Carlos Lastra, Pedro Aznar), Volpini Band (feat. Daniel Volpini, Hugo Villarreal, Victor Alonso), among others.

He also run his own projects playing his compositions exclusively: Martin Porto Trio (feat. Dan Feizli, Andy Russell), and Martin Porto Cuarteto (feat. Abel Rogantini, Ernesto Zeppa, J.P. Navarro). His new CD "Chasing The Ghost Note" is up to hit the street.

He also had the fortune of share the bandstand on several situations with musicians such as: Oscar Salas, Juan Carlos "Mono" Fontana, Sandro Albert, Fito Paez, Ricardo Pellican, Andres Pellican, Alvaro Torres, Jorge Araujo, Victor Skorupski, Marcelo Torres, Javier Malosetti, Raul Midon, Rene Toledo, Willy Gonzalez, Guillermo Arrom, Pablo Rodriguez, Facundo Ferreira, Guido Martinez, Mariano Sivori, Mario Parmisano, Manny Patiño, Sebastian Fucci, Luis Salinas, Michael Berger, Mariano Sanci, Damian Vernis, Fernando Marrone, Freddy Valeriani, Quique Berro, Diego Schisi, Cristian Judurcha, Oscar Kreimer, Tweety Gonzalez, Claudio Cardone, Andrea Alvarez, Richard Nant, Silvano Monasterios, Jota Morelli, Matias Mendez, Sarten Asaresi, among so many other wonderful musicians.

Last but no least, Martin is one of the most active private teachers in town, his concise method, build around specific exercises on harmony and improvisation techniques, and his love for teaching, allow for an ever growing list of students.

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