Ignacio Hernandez

Ignacio Hernandez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983. He studied music at the Escuela de Musica Contemporanea and then continued at the Centro de AltosEstudios Musicales where he graduated. It was during this period that he was influenced by some of the most talented musicians in the argentinean jazz music scene such as "Pollo" Raffo, Ernesto Jodos, Mariano Otero, Esteban Sehinkman, Daniel Piazzolla and Juan Pablo Aredondo to name a few.
Captivated by jazz, Ignacio began his search to find his own sound in contemporary music. At Berklee College of Music he found his passion for the fusion of jazz and the south american music. Combining rhythms form the Folklore in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and other countries with the harmonic and melodic concepts of jazz he found his sound.
He graduated from Berklee College of Music summa cum laude from the Jazz Composition department. During this time he received two of the most prestigious awards in this department: The Herb Pomeroy and the Carla Bley awards.
In 2008 he joined Magda Giannikou’s Mellow Bellow which soon became Banda Magda. He has recorded on their first EP and in 2010 he went to Greece to record the first album soon to be released. On that same year he returned to Greece for their first tour.
In 2009 he joined the Gregorio Uribe Big Band and performed in very important venues such as Iridium, Zinc Bar, Fat Cat, Prospect Park and Salem Festival to name a few. He participated on the recording of their first single called Caribe Contigo and their first video clip.
In 2010 he formed Atahualpa Band together with re-known drummer Franco Pinna, singer Sofia Tosello and bassist Andres Rotmistrovsky. The band interprets folkloric music from Argentina and have recorded their first album in New York soon to be released.
So far Ignacio Hernández has shared stage with some of the most incredible upcoming artists in the world and many more to come.

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